Texas  Regional  Science  Fair
2011 Group 4
The Mysterious
Night Hunters
Blue Ribbon
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2011 Group 5
Experiment -
Fruit flies
3:1 Variety
Within Kind
Blue Ribbon
Grand Champion
Best Interview
TRSF is a division of BACHEN (Bay Area Christian Home Educators Network), a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
2011 Group 5
Model -
Mighty Mangroves
Blue Ribbon
Grand Champion
2011 Group 5
Model -
Male vs. Female
Different Designs
Blue Ribbon
Most Original
2016 is our 20th year and we are excited about YOU being one of our Exhibitors!!
Everyone else is invited to come during our Public Viewing time to see projects & talk to the Exhibitors!!
Get the date on your home school calendar now!!

20th Anniversary!!

April 2, 2016

Tomball College Beckendorf Conference Center
30555 Tomball Parkway, Tomball, Texas

Deadline: Receive by Friday, March 3rd, 2016
Late registration receive by March 11th, 2016

Get Ready, Set, Go -
Click the
Science Fair link for details on registration.
What is the benefit?  
Third, exhibitors are recognized in as many ways as possible for their effort.  They receive a
participant ribbon, certificate, gift packet, and then they earn a placement ribbon and have the
opportunity to earn specialty ribbons, which in each grade division include Grand Champion,
Reserve Grand Champion, Most Original, Best Display, & Best Interview. Sponsors have made
it possible since  from 2002 to 2012.  NOW Grand and Reserve champions earn $50 and $25
savings gift cards, respectively!!  
Help us to be able to continue honoring our exhibitors and be a sponsor!!  See our
section for more details.
Second, Dads do our judging.  Malachi 4:6 is why.  Check it out.  God is faithful in fulfilling His
Word.  Some of our judges have been with us since the beginning!  
First, most fairs require an experiment to be associated with every type of project.  
The three types of projects are - 1. Collection, 2. Model / Demonstration, & 3. Experiment.
We do not require an exhibitor to do an experiment for the  first two.  Please review the
"Science Fair" tab for more specifics on each.  Our registration packet  includes how each is
scored, so that each exhibitor is properly prepared.
How are we unique?
We do everything we can for the fair to be a positive and encouraging experience for our
exhibitors.  We want them to come away with a love of learning and science.  We are unique.  
As part of our vision, in 2005 we began offering a Science Fair Workshop.  
Saturday, January 30th, is the date set aside for 2016!!  This is our way to help prepare more of our
home school families to take part in a science fair.
It is not necessary, however, to come to the workshop in order to participate in the fair.  
See our
Workshop section for more details.
In 1996, God gave the ICARE home school support group a vision for hosting a science fair to fill a
need, especially to our high school students.  In public school, students participate in at least one
science fair and it was time for home school students to have a venue  for the opportunity to gain
the skills learned by being a science fair exhibitor.  From this vision our science fair began in 1997
and continues today to serve K - 12th grade home school students.
What is our vision?
    1.   Gives an opportunity to explore God’s creation with your children.  
    2.   Science is a window into who God is.  
    3.   Teaches:
    ·   Research skills
    ·   Goal setting
    ·   Public speaking
    ·   Visual aid presentation
    4.   Family affair – Everyone learns, helps, grows, & gets in touch with their creative side.
    5.   Stretches us – you know – gets us out of our comfort zone!
NOTE: Best viewed
on a Windows
First Annual ICARE Craft Fair
September 26, 2015 ~ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Founder's Baptist Church
 ♥  24724 Aldine Westfield Rd, Spring, TX 77373

The ICARE Craft Fair is a fundraiser for the Texas Regional Science Fair.
Come join the fun as a vendor or buyer!!
If you would like to set up a booth at the fair to sell your homemade crafts or if
you sell a product such as Mary Kay or Tupperware, please sign up now at:
ICARE Homeschoolers
Price per space is $20 (table not provided).
No duplication on products, so it is on a first come, first serve basis.